I have a problem with Cursus.

Drop us a message in the Cursus app by adding the account . Or send a traditional email to the same address.

I have suggestions, feedback, or comments.

Awesome! We’d love to hear from you. Send us a message in the Cursus app by adding the account . Or send a traditional email to the same address.

An alternative to email, what would that be?

We’re a hybrid version of chat and email. Basically, Cursus is a SaaS product that has a resemblance to email, but we’ve made everything more capable, friendly, and simple.

So you’re chat?

No. We are more like email than chat. Cursus is for asynchronous communication. If you want to chat in real time with someone, you should still use whatever chat you use now.

When the response can wait, use Cursus.

But… There’s Slack.

Slack is great for internal communication within a team, group, or organization, but there still are times when you have to communicate with people outside that circle. Cursus is for those times.

Also, for some use cases Slack isn’t the right model. Cursus is more aligned with the email paradigm of communication.

What about all my emails?

Your emails will stay where they are now. Everything generated and sent from a computer - tickets, receipts, confirmations, notifications, mail lists - will stay in your email, but you’ll probably want to move any communication you’re having with a person over to Cursus.

Why are you better than email?

Email is a protocol that many different vendors implement differently.

All kinds of funny and unexpected things occur with email. Cursus is a product built in the same way as the apps and websites you use everyday. Cursus is more capable and yet simpler than email.

When you send an email you don’t know it’s been received by the intended recipient. Maybe it did get to them, but it’s in their spam. On Cursus there is no spam, only messages from “friended” contacts.

Sometimes you try to send an email with a bunch of pictures or a video, but it doesn’t send because it’s too big. This isn’t an issue on Cursus. Sometimes the email will send and then you’ll receive a “Delivery Status Notification” error email. This also won’t ever occur on Cursus.

For many, email serves too many functions. Cursus helps you separate the communication from the clutter by separating the tool you use to communicate with other people (Cursus) from a tool that gets used for too many other distracting functions (email).

Cursus is a more secure communication channel. Have you ever gotten an email that said it was from someone you knew, but when you checked the email address and it looked suspicious? This won’t happen on Cursus.

When you get a new device it’s often frustrating to setup your email on it. On Cursus, all you have to do on a new device is login.

And at the same time as being superior to email in all the above ways, Cursus is just plain simpler.

Is Cursus for my business or me personally?

Both! Cursus is a great tool to use personally for exchanging messages with friends and family that don’t require an immediate response. Cursus also works especially well for small and medium sized business looking to communicate internally and externally with partners and clients. Cursus provides a venue for longer form professional communication perfect for these situations.

If you’re a freelancer that runs their business out of a messaging platform (SMS, What’sApp, FB Messenger, Hangouts, etc.) Cursus is likely a better tool.

Are you an enterprise interested in using Cursus? We’d love to speak with you and hear more about your needs. Please, please send an email to so we can get a better idea about what would make Cursus perfect for your organization. Ultimately we plan to build the user management, security, and reporting features that may be requisite for your organization. The more we talk to future enterprise customers, the better these features will turn out.